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Cultivating Gratitude When Life Sucks

I know, I know…if you see another post about having gratitude you are going to throw up.

I get it. We’re inundated by well-meaning advice-givers telling us to be thankful. And sometimes it can feel as if we are being accused of being UNGRATEFUL (which makes these articles even more annoying). 

It’s easy to feel defensive about gratitude. 

Most of us are taught from a young age to say please and thank you; expressing gratitude is practically a milestone of development (crawl, walk, say thank you). So, when we hear people telling us to “be grateful” it can seem like there is a sinister insinuation beneath the phrase; perhaps the subtext (“be grateful, you spoiled brat.”)

So, it makes sense that we are defensive about gratitude, because we’ve always been told how important it is. But, when life sucks, we need gratitude the most. Not because we “should” be grateful or anything else related to proper manners, but because it makes us feel better to do so. 

So, What Can Gratitude Do for Me?

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