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How to Stay #Authentic

It can be challenging to hold onto your authenticity when you are around people who seem fake. Whether it is in a work setting, community interactions or any other social encounter, it can be awkward to know how to respond without compromising your own internal guide. A fake laugh, unreasonably bubbly personality or tone of voice that is incongruous with what is going on can be more than just off-putting, it can influence interactions and really throw us off at times. 

Why Does Lack of Authenticity Impacts Us

On the surface, it seems as though others lack authenticity or even outright “fake” behavior shouldn’t impact us much. Afterall, we’re a pleasantly open “you do you” culture right now, so what does it really matter? Dealing with inauthentic people very much impacts our own thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We learn a lot about people with the subtle, unspoken cues we receive during conversation. We are hard-wired to pick up on these nuances, which we translate into information that guides our own responses and behaviors. When we are faced with fake behavior, we don’t necessarily know what to do with it. Without even realizing it, our internal interpreters are asking questions like:

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