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The Quiet #Pandemic of #Loneliness During #Covid19

Loneliness is a miserable state of mind whether we are in a global pandemic or it’s just another Tuesday night alone with Netflix. For people who are single during Covid-19, the loneliness and isolation may seem even more acute. With social distancing practices being recommended to avoid transmission of the virus, it is challenging to meet someone, let alone connect on that deeper level necessary to form a relationship. 

In a Covid impact survey, 80% of people under age 30 reported feeling lonely, depressed, hopeless or nervous. When compared to the 2018 survey of loneliness, showing that 46% of people over age 18 experienced loneliness routinely, the increase is staggering. 

Dating in the Age of Covid

Online dating has been standard practice for tens of thousands of single people over the past decade or more. Covid-19 has taken online dating to an all-time high, since people have less opportunity to meet “the old-fashioned way,” (in person). Many online dating sites report significant increases since Covid-19 began. In some ways, the pandemic has taken dating back a few hundred years in terms of speed and efficiency. Could this be a good thing?

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