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The Effect of #Music on The #Mind

No matter what the occasion, we turn to music. It is the backdrop for our lives for everything from weddings, graduations and funerals to birthday parties and bar mitzvahs. We listen to it, create it, and often we crave it.

Why is music so compelling? 

There is a magical quality to it that transports us; it is a balm for difficult times and a rally cry for celebrations and life’s excellent moments.

Just like so many other wonders of this world, music has its mysteries. Consider these fascinating facts from The Mozart Effect by Don Campbell:

  • Cows serenaded with Mozart have been known to give more milk than non-classical cows
  • Studies in the 90s proved that music improves cognitive functioning, concentration, and intuitive thought for all ages
  • Patients with Schizophrenia can experience lower rates of auditory hallucination and have shown improved clinical outcomes using music therapy
  • In a study of 233 depressed patients, 93% showed improvement and reduced suicidal ideation as a result of music therapy

Music impacts our minds and bodies. Intuitively, we already know this since we rely on it in our daily lives. The multitude of studies over the years have only validated this knowledge and shown us that it goes even deeper than we could have imagined.

Why Music Works


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