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Stages of Love: From Flames to Embers

We’re all suckers when it comes to love. It is the main theme of our lives; it motivates our behaviors (for better or worse) and drives us toward one another, sometimes inexplicably and without our cognitive permission.

You see him across the room. Your eyes lock. Immediately, you know this is the guy you have been waiting for your entire life. There is something magnetic, even primal, in your connection.

Ok so all of that was stage 1 of love, the “lust” stage. 

At this point, it would be a stretch to call it “love,” since this initial connection is more about attraction than anything else. This stage is all about the mating ritual. If we were animals, we’d be strutting our plumage and making strange, interesting noises. As humans, we toss our hair, smile furtively and engage in steamy, ice-melting eye contact, among other subconscious behaviors.

You were introduced and you’re already convinced he is your soulmate; he is intriguing, engaging and attractive. Unlike anyone you’ve ever met. You want to know more about him, to spend time alone with him and obviously leap into his bed with great vigor and enthusiasm. 

And here we are at stage 2, “infatuation.”

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