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As the demands on time and energy increase, physicians are becoming more exhausted and overwhelmed. The frenetic pace at which medical professionals are expected to practice can drive even the most dedicated and experienced physicians into burnout mode.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality have been studying physician burnout and have identified five primary causes:

  • Time pressures
  • Chaotic environment
  • Low control of pace
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Family responsibility 

The increased demands on medical professionals results in decreased time spent with patients. This reduces quality of interactions and ultimately, decline in patient care.

There are only so many responsibilities and tasks one person can attend to during a given day. One of the most important professions, responsible for the care and health needs of the general public is being stretched too thin. Is it any wonder our doctors are getting burned out?

The average physician treats around 20 patients per day. 

Considering the vast range of symptoms patients present with, the demands of the electronic health record, the business of hospital/practice expectations, and an increasing level of responsibilities within the workday (not to mention personal life), it makes sense that our physicians are making diagnostic mistakes as a result of cognitive exhaustion.

What Does Physician Burnout Look Like?

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