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The Resilience Factor

Emotional resilience is the ability to bounce back from difficult situations.

People who have greater resilience to adversities experience better quality of life and have improved physical and emotional health outcomes.

As important as resilience is in the span of a person’s lifetime, it isn’t talked about as much as one would think prudent in our culture. Because resilience is so important to our long-term ability to cope and create meaning in our lives, it would benefit all of us to make it a more prominent part of our conversation about wellness.

Why Emotional Resilience is Important

Whether we are resilient or not, life continues to carry us along, by virtue of an ongoing heartbeat, brain synapses and the passage of time. So why bother to learn about resilience and try to grow it within ourselves?

Resilience offers us a variety of positive outcomes. When we improve our resilience, we become better equipped to handle difficult circumstances.

We improve our sense of self and our ability to trust ourselves to recover. There is a sense of empowerment that resilience brings. Consider people who have survived unimaginable disasters impacting their safety and security.

Resilient people who survive catastrophic events use those experiences to create meaning and purpose.

That is not to say those people didn’t have adverse reactions to the events, but over time they incorporate it into the story of their lives. Whether or not they do it consciously, they make a commitment to themselves to ensure this challenge isn’t one of futility. That resilience turns the negative experience into something new.

It gives it wings and sets it free to inspire others; to improve the individual’s life and the lives of those who witness it. In that way, resilience is a type of rebellion. Instead of turning to adversity with a spirit of defeat, resilience asks it a question: what will you teach me?

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